Aha Moments

The Aha! Moments: Learning Through Discovery By Karyn Jankowski Parents often wonder why we teach the way we do. When expectations aren’t met within a set timeframe, parents oftentimes become concerned. They may wonder why we aren’t insisting a child practice a particular skill or work harder on a particular concept. These are valid questions, and I’d like to share with you some of

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Magnolia Montessori Moving Back To Oxford, MS

Montessori school moving back to Oxford The Plein Air Montessori School, now located in Taylor inside the Plein Air development, will move to Oxford at the end of May as Magnolia Montessori School. The new location is actually a previous Montessori school location that was built in 2000 in front of the Twelve Oaks subdivision off College Hill Road. “As our school continues to

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